For availability, please contact Danny O'Brien at (804) 828-4771 or

The Corner Suites season tickets will be included as part of the Seat Equity Plan. All Ram Athletic Fund members with current season tickets in the Corner Suites will have first right of refusal to retain their season tickets. Should a Ram Athletic Fund member choose not to retain Corner Suite seats, he or she will be subject to the same allocation process as regular seats and distributed based on Ram Ranking. If you have an interest in these seats, please note this interest on the online ticket reservation form sent out to all Ram Athletic Fund members and season ticket holders.  Any requests for Corner Suite seats must be made through this form.

Donation requirements for the Corner Suites are as follows:
  • Corner Suites - $45,000/annual donation - includes cost of season tickets
Additionally, Ram Athletic Fund members who have Corner Suite seats must meet the new priority seat limits according to their donor level and total number of seats owned.