Emilie Soares had a very successful freshman campaign for the VCU field hockey team. She finished the year with six goals and two assits for a total of 14 points. For her work she was named to the CAA's All-Rookie Team.

Before winter break Soares, sat down with VCU Athletic Communication Student Assistant Andrew Phillips, to see what keeps her busy off of the turf.

AP: Why did you decide to come to VCU?
I chose to come to VCU because I thought the coaches were amazing. I also really felt like the team was a family, and I didn't get that feeling at any of the other schools I was considering.

AP:  Who is the most influential person in your life?
: The most influential person in my life in my mom. I never make any huge decisions without asking her what she thinks.

AP: What does it mean to you to be a part of bringing VCU's field hockey team back to dominance?
It is very exciting to be a part of an upcoming program. I just feel really lucky to be on the team and I wouldn't trade this experience for anything!

AP: What is the best part about being on VCU's field hockey team?
The best part would have to be the relationships I have formed with my teammates and coaches. I can honestly go to anyone of my teammates for anything and I know they will be there for me.

AP: What VCU team would you be on if you were not on field hockey team?

AP: What is the top item on your holiday wish list?
Going back home to Cali.

AP: If you could have dinner with any three people who would they be, and why?
Terrelle Pryor because he is my favorite college football player,  Justin Bieber because I want to be his one less lonely girl, and Dane Cook because I think he is hilarious.

AP: Who is a better field hockey player Coach McQuade or Coach Karl?
ES: No comment :)

Quick Hits- Favorites

Place to eat in Richmond? Bleecker St.
TV Show? Desperate Housewives
Movie? Meet The Robinsons
Singer/Artists/Band? Tupac
Favorite Place to Play in the CAA besides VCU? William and Mary
Pro Sports Team? San Francisco Giants!!
Athlete? Dwayne Bowe
Sport to watch besides field hockey at VCU? Men's soccer

August 29, 2010 LATE CORNER DOOMS VCU, 2-1