It seems like yesterday the VCU baseball team was winning the 2010 CAA Championship, but the 2011 Rams are about to take the field for the first time later this month.

Robert Malan, and the rest of the VCU baseball team are about to start their quest to retain the CAA Championship. Malan sat down with VCU Athletics Communication Student Assistant Andrew Phillips, to see what keeps him busy off the field.

AP:  Why did you decide to come to VCU?
RM: Ever since my sister came to play soccer at VCU and I started coming down to visit and met a lot of the older guys on the team from this year and last, I knew I wanted to come play here

AP:  What is your favorite place on VCU's campus?
Cary Street Deli because their cornbread swagger is on a million

AP:  What is the best part about being on the VCU baseball team?
I love the team comradery that we have and of course getting that icey championship ring

AP: Who is your funniest teammate, and why?
It is a toss-up between Paul Nice and Chris Ayers. Pauly is a great leader and knows how to keep the team lose at all times, and Paul and I have a special bond because we get to spend countless hours together taking ground balls together at second base. And Chris Ayers, well, he is Chris Ayers

AP:  If you hit the lottery what would you spend your money on?
Give it to my mother because she is the apple of my eye

AP:  What do you want to do after college?
I want to attend Physical Therapy school, and then live with Nick Kime in a two bedroom mansion for the rest of my life...Happy Kimer?

AP: What is one thing most people don't know about you?
RM: That I will never act a day over 10 years old.

AP:  Could you get a hit off of VCU coach Stiffler?
Are you serious?? I've been studying his arm angles and pitch sequence since the day I've got here, but still he would backwards K me

Quick Hits-

Place to eat in Richmond? Joe's Inn...$4.95 Chicken Parm Sandwich..LETS GOO
TV Show? The League
Movie? Book of Eli
Singer/Artists/Band? Wiz Khalifa
Favorite Place to Play in the CAA besides VCU? UNCW
Pro Sports Team? Unfortunately the Redskins
Athlete? Sean Taylor
Sport to watch besides baseball at VCU?  VCU Club Ice Hockey. My roommate is on the team, and a beast

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