RICHMOND, Va. – The VCU baseball team returned to its tradition of excellence ways last season by capturing another CAA Championship and yet another trip to the NCAA Tournament.

A huge part of the offensive success of the Rams last year was junior Brent Mikionis, hitting .343 with 11 homeruns. Prior to heading into winter break, Mikionis sat down with VCU Athletic Communications Student Assistant Andrew Westcott to talk about life off the field.

AW: What was the definitive factor in your coming to VCU?
BM: I've always wanted to play for VCU so when I got the opportunity it was an easy decision.

AW: What is the hardest thing about playing the corner infield positions?
BM: The hardest thing about playing first is picking the short hop ball in the dirt.

AW: How do you keep yourself loose when your in the batter's box?
BM: My pre-at-bat routine.  Every player has their own routine they do before they hit.  It helps keep me loose.

AW: Where do you see yourself following your time here at VCU?
BM: Professional baseball or working for a Federal Law Enforcement Agency or maybe the Military, who knows.   

AW: What is the funniest thing you have seen one of your teammates do?
BM: When we were at the airport in Atlanta my freshman year the swine flu was all over the news so our trainer thought it would be a good idea to get medical germ masks for the team to wear.  When we were waiting for our flight Paul Nice would go stand/sit next to random people and start coughing/dry heaving and the people would give him these worried looks and run away from him thinking he might have the swine flu. It was hilarious.  

AW: Who is the nastiest pitcher you have ever faced and why?
BM: Kevin Munson (JMU).  Why?  Actually, I don't really remember my at bats against him it happened so fast. I blacked out.

AW: What do you see as the most important statistic in baseball and why?
BM: Homeruns, chicks dig the long ball.  On a serious note I would say On-Base-Percentage.  The more times you're on base the better chance you have to score.

AW:  What are your goals for the up coming season?
BM: Win the CAA and have a 40-win season

Quick Hits-

Dream girl? Megan Fox
Restaurant in Richmond? Joe's Inn
Kenny Powers- season one or two? One
One Concert to see? Eric Church
Pitcher to hit? Brennan Huelse
Pine tar or batting gloves? Both
Pro athlete? Chase Utley
Team you get the most hyped up to play? UNCW

February 16, 2011 2011 BASEBALL PREVIEW: INFIELD