RICHMOND, Va. - The VCU women's basketball team is off to a solid 2-1 start and the Rams will have to continue to rely on some unknown faces to step up throughout the season after losing three seniors who were critical to the program's success.

Head Coach Beth Cunningham will look for players such as sophomore Daphne Adebayo to take major steps forward this year as the Black & Gold look to continue to be a power in the CAA. Before Adebayo and her teammates hit the practice court this week, VCU Athletic Communications Student Assistant Scott Wyant chatted with her to find out what she's up to away from basketball.

SW: What made you decide to come to VCU?
DA: I came to vcu because it is only an hour away from my family and i love the family vibe i got from the team.

SW: If you got a free ticket to any event what would you choose?
DA: A chris brown concert

SW: Do you have any hidden talents?
DA: I can sing

SW: What is your favorite thing to do at VCU?
DA: Hang out with my teammates

SW: Who has had the biggest influence on your basketball career?
DA: My family

SW: What is your greatest accomplishment on the court?
DA: Clutch lay up in the High Point game

SW: What is the funniest thing Coach Cunningham says?
DA: When she made a remark about a saddle...not going to elaborate [laughs]

SW: What do you do to relax on an off day?
DA: Watch movies


Where is your favorite place to play away from VCU? GA state...get to go back home!
Favorite team: VCU wbb :)
Part of the holiday season: Going home is the best
Class (this semester): English 215
Movie: Lion King/Princess and the Frog
Dream job: Getting paid to eat, sleep, and shop all day
What is the most played song on your iPod right now? It's a tie between whip my hair by willow smith and what's my name by rihanna
Quote: Fake it til you make it -BC