RICHMOND, Va. - If you've seen a VCU Men's Basketball game this year, you may or may not have seen freshman Rob Brandenberg in action. See, he most likely played in the game that you saw, but his quickness may have been too much for your vision to handle.

Brandenberg's athleticism and versatility has been a big spark to the Black & Gold early in the 2010-11 campaign and his future in a Rams uniform is very bright. Prior to heading into exam week, he sat down with to let us know a little more about himself.

Favorite Quote or Motto:
"Go hard or go home"

Top three TV shows you watch:
SportsCenter, College Gameday, Family Guy

Top three favorite movies:
Friday, Paid in Full, Juice

If you could only see one performer for the rest of your life, who would it be:

Favorite pre-game song:
911 Emergency – Gucci Mane

Favorite song to chill to:
Bun B. for President – J. Cole

Favorite video game:
NBA 2K11

If you could drive any car in the world it would be:
Black on black Charger

If you could take any girl out on a date, who would it be:
Megan Good

If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what meal would it be:
Pancakes, eggs and bacon

Favorite place to eat in Richmond:
Village Cafe

Pre-game superstitions:
Say a prayer

Goals for this year (both as a player and a team):
Get better as a player and team

Favorite roose exercise:
Trapbar dead lift

Least favorite roose exercise:
Front squats

Favorite sports teams (NFL, NBA, MLB, etc.):
Miami Heat

Favorite basketball player:
LeBron James

Favorite athlete in any sport other than basketball:
Chad Ochocinco

Toughest player you've ever played against:
Jared Sullinger

Funniest person on the team:
Heath Houston

Best dancer on the team:
Juvonte Reddic

Loudest person on the team:
Reco McCarter

Teammate most likely to win 3-point contest:
Troy Daniels

Teammate most likely to win dunk contest:
Reco McCarter