By Chris Kowalczyk

When the VCU Field Hockey team scored a goal the last three seasons, there's a good chance Dutch twins Flore and Marle van Dessel had something to do with it. With their senior seasons still ahead, each has already made an indelible mark on the program. Marle has led the Rams in goals each of the last two seasons and ranks sixth in school history with 25. Many times, Flore has been the one setting up Marle's goals. Flore currently ranks seventh in Rams' history with 17 assists.

Around The Horns recently caught up with VCU's dynamic duo to discuss the World Cup, the world's largest ball of twine and why two van Dessel's just isn't enough.

ATH: How about The Netherlands reaching the World Cup final? Are you over the loss yet, or should we ask again in a few months?
FLORE: The Netherlands reaching the World Cup final exceeded every expectation we had as a country, the entire place went nuts. Just our house already had like, 70 orange balloons everywhere! Losing to Spain was rough, but I am over it completely. It's a great thing to have achieved, and I'm very proud of my men!
MARLE: Reaching the World Cup final was great! It was for the first time in two years that I wanted to be in the Netherlands while I was in Richmond. I think you could say that I recovered a minute after the loss. I just couldn't deal with the excitement of the game and I probably wouldn't have survived penalty kicks.

ATH: Is it worse to come so close to winning, only to lose in heartbreaking fashion, or to get eliminated in pool play?
FLORE: It's much better to lose in the final round and actually have showed the world what Dutch soccer is capable of, rather than going down without any honors and fame in the group rounds.
MARLE: Losing in heartbreaking fashion gets my preference most definitely. You get so close, that the motivation to reach it again is extremely high, especially when you are playing yourself.

ATH: True or false: If the Dutch win the World Cup, Amsterdam stages the party of the century.
FLORE:  True, but we already staged a pretty good party by just coming in second!

MARLE: I think we already staged the party of the century during the game. We had 180,000 people coming together and watching the game at one of the big squares there. Dutch people sure know how to party.
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