After a very successful freshman campaign for both himself and his team, Ryan Farrar is ready to get back to work and defend VCU's CAA Title.

Farrar sat down with VCU Athletic Communication Student Assistant Andrew Phillips to see what keeps him busy during the offseason.

AP: Why did you decide to come to VCU?
RF: I decided to come to VCU for a couple of reasons. One, it's close to home. Two, it's one of the best baseball programs in the area. Most importantly I wanted to play for a winning program.

AP: What are some of your personal and team goals for the upcoming season?
Personally I want to pitch to my expectations, and help the team to defend our CAA title. As a team, we want to win at least 40 games and keep our CAA title.

AP: Funniest/most embarrassing moment that has happened to you on the field.
My most embarrassing moment was last year when I took a line drive off the shoulder and rolled around on the ground for a little bit. The guys thought it was funny.

AP: If you could play in one Major League Baseball stadium which one would it be, and why?
Camden Yards because I love the Orioles.

AP: Who is the toughest hitter that you have pitched against?
Joe Van Meter. I could throw a pitch that bounces three times and he'll still hit at least a double. He can hit a little bit.

AP:  Game on the line, could you get Coach Whitby out?
Although Coach Whitby is the hitting coach, and I would love to say he could get a hit off of me, I just don't think he could handle the pressure of the game being on the line. I would just throw him a couple fastballs down the middle and my defense would take care of it.

Quick Hits - Favorites

Place to eat in Richmond?
TV show?
Family Guy
I like everything but if i had to pick I'd say Dave Matthews Band
Place to play in the CAA other then VCU?
Pro Sports Team? Baltimore Orioles
Cal Ripken Jr.
Favorite VCU team to watch other then baseball? VCU Hockey