"Behind the Uniform" site takes a different look at VCU's student-athletes

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286 student-athletes. 286 stories.

Our student-athletes represent 26 states and 24 countries. Each one of these student-athletes that put on the Black & Gold has a story to tell.
The championships are nice. The NCAA postseason appearances are great, but it’s the people behind the uniform that make VCU such a special place.

“Behind the Uniform” will give you an off the field look at those student-athletes and the stories that accompany each one of them.

A soccer goalie who turned down Ivy League schools to pursue a biomedical engineering degree at VCU. A thrower who has discovered his passion for photography. Field hockey twins that are just as good on horseback as they are on the field hockey surface.

Join us as we discover what each one of these student-athletes represent, we promise it will only build your pride in this great university.