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Reviewing of applications will begin in July 2018.

The VCU Sports Marketing Internship Program will provide a great opportunity for students interested in sports to receive “hands on” experience in an intercollegiate athletics department. Interns in the program will help plan and execute marketing efforts across all intercollegiate sports, power our group ticket sales initiatives, and take on additional projects and events as needed. Interns will be cross-trained in all aspects of our program, providing a wide range of knowledge and experiences from sales to customer service to promotion management.

For more information, feel free to contact Vaughan Moss at mossv@vcu.edu or Dylan Baker at dbaker28@vcu.edu.

Commitment: 15-20 hours per week, including evenings, weekend and holidays, if needed.

Description: Assist in all aspects of marketing operations in an NCAA Division I Athletics Department. Intern will assist with promotions, including promotional development, preparation, administration; assist with student activities; assist with distribution of marketing materials within the surrounding community; and assist in daily operational activities of a marketing department.

Job Responsibilities:

   - Required to work all Men’s Basketball games.
   - Must be available to work 50-75% of all home athletics events during semester assigned.
   - Assist with promotional planning and development for each sport, the development and implementation of game day promotions, including on-court/field and in-game promotions, music, game production scripts, etc.
   - Assist with the creation and distribution (on/off campus) of advertising materials (flyers, table tents, posters, schedule cards, print ads, etc.)
   - Assist with external marketing opportunities taking place in the community including during nights and weekends.
   - Assist with group sales initiatives 
   - Assist with the Junior Rowdy Rams – The Official Kids Club of VCU Athletics.
   - Assist with the operations of special Athletics Department events.
   - Assist with scheduling mascot appearances taking place both on and off campus.
   - Perform clerical and office duties as assigned by the Athletics Marketing staff.


   - Experience in Sports Marketing (Athletics)
   - Networking opportunities
   - Personal and professional development
   - Course Credit (Only if approved by school/department)


  - Current VCU student in good academic standing with the university.
  - Possess the time and availability to make a commitment to this unpaid position
  - Possess a positive attitude, enthusiasm, interpersonal skills, responsibility, initiative, passion, and work ethic necessary to succeed as a member of the team.
  - Possess an interest and/or desire to work in the business of athletics.
  - Be willing to work nights, weekends, and during academic breaks as required by the game schedules of the various VCU Athletics programs.
  - Demonstrate the ability to treat this internship as a real job and fulfill the requirements of the position.
  - Prior knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite software (Photoshop, InDesign, etc.) is a plus but not required. 

About Us:

The VCU Athletic Marketing Department creates and executes marketing plans for 15 intercollegiate sports as well as department and university-wide initiatives. Our main areas of focus encompass:

   - Advertising: Billboards, posters, schedule cards, radio spots, digital ads, newspaper ads, television ads & e-mails
   - Event Activities/Promotions: 
         - Sponsorship fulfillment – sponsor recognition, promotional items and contests
         - In-game execution – Event staffing, promotion management
         - Scheduling, timing and scripting events
         - Audio and video coordination
   - Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat & YouTube)
   - Group sales game ticket promotions
   - Rams Rewards: VCU student rewards program
   - Junior Rowdy Rams Kids Club
   - Rowdy Rams: The Official Student Section of VCU athletics
   - Sprit Squad coordination:
         - Mascot – Rowdy the Ram
         - Band – VCU Peppas
         - Dance/Cheer Teams

Experience the VCU gameday atmosphere!

VCU Athletics work closely with many departments. Below is a snapshot description of how we partner with them and who interns would get the chance to work with.

VCU Sports Properties (Learfield)– Holds the multimedia rights to and secures advertising opportunities and sponsorships for VCU Athletics, including but not limited to radio, television, print, Internet, merchandise, videos, special projects, game promotions, sponsorships, signage and coaches endorsements. Our department fulfills sponsored promotions that VCU Sports Properties acquires.

Event Management – Provides game day logistics and event staff. Our department meets regularly with event management to ensure the success of sport-specific marketing efforts.

Facilities – Operates the physical set-up of and access to our athletic buildings. Our department requests tables, key/card access, troubleshooting/repairs and other things from Facilities.

Communications/Video Production – Controls the “face” of VCU Athletics by writing content and coordinating media (both live coverage and interviews). Our department works with Communications to distribute marketing information and arrange other media activities.

Spectra – Food service provider for VCU Athletics. Our department coordinates concessions deals and vouchers and other hospitality needs with Spectra.

Ticket Office – Manages the ticket sales and distribution process for all VCU athletics ticketed sports. Our department meets weekly with the ticket office to create a unified system of promoting athletic events. Together, we set prices, run ticket promotions and carry out other programs and initiatives.

Ram Athletic Fund/Development & Fundraising – Develops and implements giving opportunities and initiatives including scholarships, annual planned giving and special events. Our department work with Development to recognize donors and market giving opportunities.