Interactive Verizon Wireless Arena Seating Map Now Available

RICHMOND, Va. – VCU Athletics is pleased to announce that the interactive Verizon Wireless Arena seating map is now available.

To provide this service, VCU has partnered with Ballena Technologies, the leading provider in the sports and entertainment industry for 3D visuals of seat locations and seat availability for venues across the country.

The new technology provides fans access to a 3D view from each seat in the Verizon Wireless Arena. VCU Athletics will utilize this program to facilitate the selection of your season ticket location for the 2013-14 VCU Basketball season. 

All ticket holders will be able to preview individual seat availability online and make their selection in priority order from the convenience of their homes.  The program provides you the ability to see the view from your seats and enables you to make the most informed decision on your season ticket location. The 3D representation of the Verizon Wireless Arena allows for fans to view the Ram Athletic Fund priority seating areas, and the opportunity to see the view from each seat. 

A tutorial instructional video will be launched in July, and individual access to the program will be provided in early August. At this time, each patron will be given an individual appointment time and information will be provided on how to use the site.