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RICHMOND, Va. – The Greater Richmond community and the VCU Athletic Department have always had a tremendous relationship over the years. The Black & Gold have always been supported by so many in the area and the Rams are constantly trying to find ways to give back.

On Saturday, several VCU athletic squads spent the day giving back to that community by cleaning up parts of Joseph Bryan Park on Richmond’s Northside.

The substantial amount of parks around the area is a main attraction for not only citizens, but also many of the college students around Richmond. Members of the women’s soccer, men’s and women’s track & field, baseball and women’s basketball tried to make sure those parks stayed picturesque.

Over 50 student-athletes dug up dead bushes, cleaned up debris, spread mulch and raked some leaves in the Azalea Gardens portion of Bryan Park, near the soccer fields.

“It’s really something we enjoy doing as a group,” junior Seth Cutler-Voltz of the VCU baseball team said. “From the outside it doesn’t seem like it would be a ton of fun, but it’s pretty cool getting to spend time with the other teams and giving back to the people that support the Black & Gold.”

The Azalea Gardens is a large area of Bryan Park with many beds that can be sponsored. VCU Athletics sponsors bed #48.

After digging, raking, pulling and much more the student-athletes, coaches and administrators enjoyed a cookout on the park grounds.