VCU Pet Club Member Photos

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We'd love to get to know our Pet Club members!  Please submit a photo, along with both pet and owner's name, to and you could be featured on this page.  Be sure to check back soon as new photos are posted!



Pet:      Hi                            Kipper                               Robby                                    Leo                             

Owner: Sandra Barker       Patrick Lloyd                   William Bailey                      Niva Duron


Pet:      Rosie                       Treasure                           Gigi

Owner: Sharon Phillips       Jae Harris                         Susan Orr



Pet: Otter                               Ziggy                                    Maggie

Owner: Will Rothermel          Todd & Julia Hammond      Amanda McKearin


Pet:  Sadie                               Fozzie                              Shaka

Owner:  Stanley Ullman          Joy Sanders                    Katelin O'Brien


Pet: Julia & Theodore          Finnegan                            Scooter

Owner: Colleen Moore        Jonathan Vansant              DeTrease Harrison


Pet: Noelle                                        Novak Street                              Finnegan

Owner: Latrena Ownes                   Fraser Street                              Jonathan Vansant