#THANKSRAF: Getting to know former student-athlete Rodney Ashby

kicks off Ram Athletic Fund Appreciation Week, where VCU Athletics spends the entire week focusing on the 2,000-plus donors that make their success on the court and in the classroom possible.

Each day will feature giveaways, donor profiles, tweets and much more to show our appreciation for the passion and dedication shown by the Ram Athletic Fund.

Our first donor profile is Rodney Ashby, a former men’s basketball player here that is heavily involved with the Ram Athletic Fund.

VCUathletics.com: Why do you feel it is important to support VCU Athletics?

 Rodney: As a former student-athlete I feel that it is important to give our current student-athletes the best possible chance to succeed.  I’m proud to support VCU Athletics with financial support so they have the resources they need to continue that mission.

VCUathletics.com: How would you like to see your gift impact today’s generation of VCU students?

Rodney: With my family, it is my goal to provide memories that they will remember for a lifetime.  I hope that our gift to VCU Athletics will assist in creating lasting memories of their time as a student-athlete at VCU.  If they have fond memories they will be motivated to give back when they are in the situation to do so and VCU will continue to build its programs on a national level.

VCUathletics.com: With so many great charitable organizations you could choose to support, why do you include VCU among your philanthropic priorities?

Rodney: VCU gave me the chance to compete at the highest level of college athletics.  In order for that to happen someone had to choose VCU among their philanthropic priorities.  We are fortunate enough to be able to give back to VCU some of what VCU gave to me and we are proud to do so.

VCUathletics.com: Please share one of your most memorable experiences as a Virginia Commonwealth University student/fan…

Rodney: I have three:

  • As a Student-Athlete my team beat national ranked Louisville at Louisville on national TV.
  • As a fan it is hard to beat the final four run.
  • As a VCU alumnus when I hear the national media discussing VCU athletics it makes me proud.
VCUathletics.com: Do you have a game day routine, or could you describe your experiences cheering-on the Rams on game day (coming to games, other?)…

Rodney: I do not have any formal game day routines.  I do experience a “last day of school” feeling on game day and like to get to the arena as early as possible so I can watch the players warm up.

VCUathletics.com: How have you seen VCU change since you were a student/ over the years?

Rodney: The most drastic change I have seen is in the facilities.  When I was a student-athlete we played in the Richmond Coliseum.  Even when we did have 10,000 fans it still seemed empty.  The Siegel Center is second to none in game day atmosphere.

VCUathletics.com: What would you say to a friend who was considering joining the Ram Athletic Fund? 

Rodney: If you are looking to be a part of something that is growing and where you can see the results of your support then you should consider giving to VCU Athletics.

VCUathletics.com: What are you most looking forward to in the 2013-14 season?

Rodney: We are always excited about the potential of playing in the post-season but this year we have a great road to get there.  I don’t know if VCU has ever played both VA Tech and UVA in the same season but it will be exciting to have that opportunity.  We are also looking forward to joining the team in Puerto Rico the week before Thanksgiving.