#ThanksRAF... Getting to know: Greg Mullins

Today marks the third day of Ram Athletic Fund Appreciation Week, where VCU Athletics will spend the entire week focusing on the 2,000-plus donors that make their success on the court and in the classroom possible.

Each day will feature giveaways, donor profiles, tweets and much more to show our appreciation for the passion and dedication shown by the Ram Athletic Fund.

We've profiled former student-athlete Rodney Ashby , VCU grad Glenn Davis, who is the President and CEO of BranCore Technologies, and Richmond native and local real estate expert Bill Gallasch. Today we chat with Greg Mullins, a Richmond native and a fourth year VCU Dental student. 

VCUAthletics.com: Why do you feel it is important to support VCU Athletics?

 I believe that it is important to support VCU Athletics to show our athletes that we support them and what they do for VCU.  Student athletes make a large commitment to the school and I believe that we should show our support and appreciation.  

VCUAthletics.com: How would you like to see your gift impact today’s generation of VCU students?

GM: I hope that my gift will help ensure that our student athletes are given the tools and facilities that they need to be the best athlete they can be.  With the competitiveness of other schools in recruiting, it is important to show our athletes that we are committed to their success at VCU.

VCUathletics.com: With so many great charitable organizations you could choose to support, why do you include VCU among your philanthropic priorities?

I believe it is a win-win situation.  I am able to support our student athletes and VCU and in return my family and I are able to enjoy the best collegiate athletic program in Virginia.

VCUathletics.com: Please share one of your most memorable experiences as a Virginia Commonwealth University student/fan…

 My most memorable experience, and what I believe kick started our recent VCU Men's Basketball success, was in 2007 when Eric Maynor had one of the most memorable 2 minutes in VCU Basketball history at the Coliseum in the CAA Championship.  That was my first year as a VCU student and I was "hooked" after that.

VCUathletics.com: Do you have a game day routine, or could you describe your experiences cheering-on the Rams on game day (coming to games, other?)…

 Even though I graduated from VCU Monroe Park Campus in 2010, I am still a student on the MCV campus, so I enjoy getting to the Siegel Center very early and standing in line with all the other students.  This year myself and a couple friends have committed to attending every VCU Men's Basketball game (home and away), so I am excited for the adventures we will encounter.

VCUathletics.com: How have you seen VCU change since you were a student/ over the years?

 When I started at VCU in 2006 there were more t-shirts from other universities being worn on campus than VCU t-shirts.  Today, the student and alumni support is tremendous and it's an exciting time to be a Ram.

VCUathletics.com: What would you say to a friend who was considering joining the Ram Athletic Fund? 

 What are you waiting for?  As Coach Smart continues to reiterate "VCU is the place to be."  VCU is the university in Richmond!

VCUathletics.com: What are you most looking forward to in the 2013-14 season?

 This year I'm looking forward to watching all our athletic teams succeed in each of their sports, but I'd be lying if I didn't mention I am most looking forward to watching VCU win the 2014 Men's Basketball Championship in New Orleans!  I'm also excited to visit Brooklyn again for the A-10 tournament and visiting other arenas during our away games.