#ThanksRAF... Getting to Know: VCU grad Glenn Davis

Today marks the second day of Ram Athletic Fund Appreciation Week, where VCU Athletics will spend the entire week focusing on the 2,000-plus donors that make their success on the court and in the classroom possible.

Each day will feature giveaways, donor profiles, tweets and much more to show our appreciation for the passion and dedication shown by the Ram Athletic Fund.

Yesterday we profiled former student-athlete Rodney Ashby. Today, we chat with VCU grad Glenn Davis, who is the President and CEO of BranCore Technologies. Here’s why he loves his Rams so much.  

VCUAthletics.com: Why do you feel it is important to support VCU Athletics?

I truly understand the importance of giving back.  The VCU Athletics Department has made a significant impact on the University and the support is extremely important in making sure we can continue to produce quality student athletes.  The VCU Athletics department has put VCU on the map nationally, in the area of sports, and it is extremely important that we continue to give this support in order to stay competitive and continue to attract quality student athletes.   I have been so proud with what the VCU Athletics Department has done over the years.  This is why I continue to support VCU Athletics.

VCUAthletics.com: How would you like to see your gift impact today’s generation of VCU students?

I would like to see VCU continue to produce a strong generation of quality students that will be ready as they transition into the real world. If my gift positively affects one student athlete, it will have done its job. 

VCUathletics.com: With so many great charitable organizations you could choose to support, why do you include VCU among your philanthropic priorities?

As a graduate of VCU, I truly understand the importance and value of giving back.  Over the years, I have seen the athletics department grow by leaps and bounds and I am so proud to say I am a VCU graduate.  I would like to continue to see VCU produce successful student athletes.  Also, by being a VCU Board of Director member, for the School of Business Alumni Society, my company has been giving towards the RAF through our school of business “Tip-off” events.  Through these events, I began to understand the strong relationship that was developed with the School of Business and the Athletics Department.  Doug Knapp, Director of Student and Alumni Engagement, has been very instrumental in fostering this strong relationship.

VCUathletics.com: Please share one of your most memorable experiences as a Virginia Commonwealth University student/fan…

I have so many memorable experiences that I can’t name just one.  My most memorable experience was watching Coach Shaka Smart commentate the NCAA tournament on National television.  I felt so proud to be a VCU RAM!  He is an amazing coach that appreciates his coaching staff as well as the athletic department administration.  Another most memorable experience was VCU winning the game against the Butler Bulldogs.  My last most memorable experience was when I made the 3-point shot at one of the VCU home games and won pizzas for my entire section.  Over the years, I have developed lasting relationships with my fellow VCU fans that I sit with each week.  I can’t say enough about being a RAM fan!  It’s amazing!

VCUathletics.com: Do you have a game day routine, or could you describe your experiences cheering-on the Rams on game day (coming to games, other?)…

My family and I start the game day off making sure we all have our VCU gear on.  This is the family highlight of getting ready for the game.  We all walk around the house asking each other what we plan to wear to the game.  We then get to the game early to see the players warm up and take in the energetic atmosphere.  We also get to the games early so we can talk with our friends that we have developed good relationships with over the years at the VCU Siegel Center

VCUathletics.com: How have you seen VCU change since you were a student/ over the years?

VCU has changed significantly since I was a student.  The growth that the University has experienced has been amazing.  The Athletics Department has put VCU on the map nationally.  I have noticed that VCU’s climb in the national rankings include many other areas at VCU.  This consistent rise, in the National rankings, demonstrates the quality of students VCU is producing and attracting.

VCUathletics.com: What would you say to a friend who was considering joining the Ram Athletic Fund? 

I would tell them that joining the RAF is one of the most exciting and beneficial activities they could be involved with.  You can truly see where your contributions are going towards and the student athletes are truly appreciative of the assistance that is given to them.  This is indicative at the athletics students/donor reception.  You get a chance to meet all of the student athletes that benefit from your donation.  The smiles and appreciation, received from them, during the reception is priceless.  It’s all about giving back!

VCUathletics.com: What are you most looking forward to in the 2013-14 season?

I am looking forward to all of the excitement and energy at the Siegel Center during game time.  Also, my family and I are looking forward to seeing VCU continue to sell out all of the home games.  The energy is electrifying.  I am definitely looking forward to going back to New York for the A-10 tournament.   Each year, VCU creates memories for me and my family, I am looking forward to many more memories during the 2013-14 season.